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KissKiss Lipstick GUERLAIN

THE HONEY TINTED BALM, BETWEEN SKINCARE AND MAKEUP Guerlain introduces KissKiss Bee Glow, a tinted lip balm infused with honey and made of 98% naturally-derived ingredients¹. It revives the natural color of the lips with a touch of glowing shine,…

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Inside the Dream’ Unveils the Process and Intimacy Behind Bulgari’s Creations

Starring celebrities like Lisa from Blackpink and Zendaya, the documentary film offers an exclusive insight into the making process of Bulgari’s high jewellery collections. For the first time ever a High Jewellery Maison invites you to discover its world of…

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Louis Vuitton Deep Time

An ode to nature’s perpetual transformation, Plants evokes the organic elements through a modern and abstract interpretation, with layered Mozambique rubies and Zambian emeralds, adorning generous curves of white and yellow gold. Explore the entire collection by @FrancescaAmfitheatrof 

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Louis Vuitton’s Empreinte Collection

Modern design, meticulous craftsmanship. Louis Vuitton’s fine jewelry collections for women are fashioned by master jewelers in the Maison’s ateliers. These expert artisans employ precious metals, selected gemstones and dazzling diamonds to create the signature LV Volt, B Blossom, Color Blossom,…

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Zendaya stuns in Louis Vuitton’s Capucines bag campaign

#Zendaya and the Capucines. Personifying the dreamy energy of the Côte d’Azur, the new #louisvuitton House Ambassador brings a playful vibrancy to the #lvcapucines collection. Zendaya Coleman, the talented actress and fashion icon, has once again captivated the fashion world…

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Refined Beauty Unveiled: Stacy Martin’s Custom Peach Leather and Crepe Jersey Dress at Cannes Film Festival 2023

Cannes Film Festival 2023 witnessed the breathtaking elegance of Stacy Martin, a cherished friend of the Maison. Adorned in a meticulously crafted ensemble, she unveiled the exquisite allure of a custom peach leather and crepe jersey dress. Designed exclusively by…

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Margot Robbie and AliMacGraw: the two-way J12 Interview.

“Having seconds to waste: Labor or love?”Margot Robbie and Ali MacGraw ask each other about their vision of time in the latest J12 campaign. J12. It’s all about seconds. #J12 #CHANELWatches #ItsAllAboutSeconds #firstavenuemagazine

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Beautés du Monde – Cartier

Seeing the beauty of the world, preserving it, and above all, enriching it, are values that have continuously influenced the Maison’s philosophy. The latest Beautés du Monde High Jewellery collection continues this tradition. It is a testament to this fascination…

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Natalie Portman, Godmother of the 2023 Trophée Chopard

Natalie Portman will be the godmother of the Trophée Chopard awarded during the 76th Cannes Film Festival. Created in 2001, this distinction highlights the latest generation of international cinema by yearly rewarding the early career of a talented actress and…

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CHOPARD Celebrating the upcoming 2023 #CannesFilmFestival

Laughter should always take center stage in our lives. CHOPARD Celebrating the upcoming 2023 #CannesFilmFestival with Ambassador @juliaroberts and one of her favourite #HighJewellery creations from the #RedCarpet Collection, and catch the latest episode of #ChopardLovesCinema, the new digital series…

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