About Us

Classy, glamorous and trendy, FIRST AVENUE is a complete lifestyle magazine published exclusively for the affluent and influential contemporary women in the United Arab Emirates. This bimonthly English magazine inspires and encourages the refined tastes of urban women, who embrace originality, and have great passion for fashion, quality and style.

A one-stop lifestyle guide, FIRST AVENUE covers all aspects of urban women’s lives. With its vast and comprehensive features, FIRST AVENUE readers will find themselves attending the hottest society parties, checking out celebrity news and runway coverage, analyzing health and beauty tips, visiting studios of the best fashion designers, chatting with eminent personalities, dining at the most exquisite restaurants, shopping at the exclusive stores and travelling to the most exotic destinations.

FIRST AVENUE also has a dedicated segment to check out what’s happening in the high streets of Dubai – one of the fastest emerging fashion capitals of the world. Each issue of this elegantly crafted magazine reveals elegant images, inspirational trendy looks, and selective advertisements from class-leading names.

An advertiser’s delight, FIRST AVENUE offers guaranteed exposure to the affluent & style conscious women who have the purchasing power and passion for world class brands. Its readers are mostly young, fashionable and educated women, achievers who are constantly on the lookout for the latest products and trends. The magazine is a rewarding vehicle for promoting designer wear, fashion accessories, perfumes, watches, jewelry, automobiles, home décor, fine dining, health and fitness, luxury accommodations and electronic gadgets.