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Louis Vuitton Deep Time High Jewelry Collection

Spanning the birth of the planet to the creation of life, Deep Time traces the profound journey of the precious gemstones at the center of the collection. Comprising over 95 masterful designs, the 13 themes weave a profound tale of…

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Emma Stone Shines in Louis Vuitton’s Fall-Winter 2023 Campaign

“Emma Stone exudes timeless elegance as the face of Louis Vuitton’s Fall-Winter 2023 campaign. The renowned actress, and House Ambassador, effortlessly captivates against the backdrop of Paris in Nicolas Ghesquière’s latest collection. With an alluring confidence, Stone’s presence perfectly complements…

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KissKiss Lipstick GUERLAIN

THE HONEY TINTED BALM, BETWEEN SKINCARE AND MAKEUP Guerlain introduces KissKiss Bee Glow, a tinted lip balm infused with honey and made of 98% naturally-derived ingredients¹. It revives the natural color of the lips with a touch of glowing shine,…

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A Grasse tuberose extract that has been refined by Olivier Polge. An intense floral heart enhanced by notes of vanilla and sandalwood. Discover GABRIELLE CHANEL PARFUM, a fragrance that is sensual and powerful from the very first drop.

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The N°1 DE CHANEL revitalizing serum.

This serum is unlike any other skincare product. CHANEL researchers developed it by harnessing the energy of an exceptional flower, from which 76% of the formula’s active ingredients are derived: the camellia. One drop every morning and evening is all…

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The new CHANEL makeup collection inspired by the colors of the fall equinox. Makeup by @ammydrammeh, who is part of the #CometesCollective alongside @cecileparavina and @valentina1121li. #FallWinter#CHANELMakeUp#KristenStewart

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Inside the Dream’ Unveils the Process and Intimacy Behind Bulgari’s Creations

Starring celebrities like Lisa from Blackpink and Zendaya, the documentary film offers an exclusive insight into the making process of Bulgari’s high jewellery collections. For the first time ever a High Jewellery Maison invites you to discover its world of…

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Step Up Your Style: The Art of Shoe Elegance with @Gisele and Jimmy Choo

Elevate your style from the ground up with these stunning heels from @JimmyChoo – as effortlessly showcased by the fabulous @Gisele 👠✨ #ShoesToEnvy #FashionIcon #JimmyChoo

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Jimmy Choo’s Bon Bon Handbag: Where Contrasts Meet Exquisite Craftsmanship”

Jimmy Choo’s iconic Bon Bon handbag is a masterpiece born from contrasting elements. Its structured yet soft silhouette captivates with sweet and bold charm. Inspired by contrasts – structured yet soft, sweet yet bold – the iconic Bon Bon handbag…

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If you look at the world with a joyful gaze, life shines in all its magnificent beauty. Elegant, naturally graceful and genuinely authentic, Anne Hathaway embodies the radiant energy of the Divas’ Dream jewellery collection as she uncovers the endless…

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