Garrard Launches Wings Rising and Celebrates 20 Years of Wings

by / Comments Off on Garrard Launches Wings Rising and Celebrates 20 Years of Wings / 276 View / October 11, 2023

Garrard is excited to announce the launch of Wings Rising, a fresh chapter in the Wings story that celebrates 20 years of this iconic collection. Ushering in a new era for Wings, Wings Rising is a major evolution for this signature motif, which made its debut in 2003. Conceived by Garrard’s all-female design team to speak confidently, woman to woman, Wings Rising take the Wings collection in an exciting new direction.

Shedding their angelic aura, the new designs have been redefined as colourful and worldly pieces that emanate strength, empowering women to rise up, fuelled by the force of their own wings.

Designed for real women, not angels, as forms of self-expression and independence, the Wings Rising collection is representative of the changing shift in culture that is galvanising women worldwide to purchase jewellery for themselves, to celebrate themselves. Sara Prentice, creative director, comments “Wings Rising honours the women who inspire our designs: strong, successful, independent women who live and fly by their own Wings.”

Different from any Wings designs that have come before, Wings Rising creates a brand-new identity for Garrard’s dynamic Wings motif that is bold and free. Anchored in history, Garrard’s designers have updated the lifelike swoop of the original Wings jewels to trace an abstract, winged silhouette with clean lines and angular feathers.