Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, Dubai was awarded Digital Leader Award – Healthcare by MIT Sloan Management Review GCC at the ‘Digitrans 2017 & The Digital Leader Awards’ at Hotel Dubai recently. The award recognizes the hospital as a leader in using digital care effectively to aid in healing of patients.
While receiving the award the General manager of the hospital Dr. Taha Al Hazarmerdi said, “Our focus is on providing a better patient experience with increased safety, and our vision is to bring cutting-edge technology for it. Hence, we invest a huge amount of money yearly in bringing the latest technology to our patients”

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital is located in Dubai Healthcare City and is part of the Saudi based Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group. The hospital is widely known to provide digitally advanced healthcare for better healing. Nursing care at the hospital is completely digital with complete entry and access of records through a central system. The doctors at the hospital are able to monitor the patients remotely through a specially create app. They can also involve other doctors from across the group in patient care and for case discussion using the same app.

Teleradiology and tele ICU at the hospital has been instrumental in saving many lives by drastically reducing the response time.

The diagnostic services like CT and MRI scan are all linked digitally and also offer a bespoke experience to the patients where the overall theme of the room including colours and music can be selected by the patient.

DIGITRANS 2017 offers actionable knowledge for strategy, organizational roadmap, and innovation-based opportunities. The MIT Sloan Management Review team celebrated the success of Digital Leaders from various fields like Banking, Public Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education by appreciating the award winners’ contribution in front of their peers aims and by highlighting the opportunities that exist in the area of digital transformation which these awardees were quick to spot and explore.
These awards showcase the growing prominence of digital transformation in organizations and the key role they play in determining their future growth. Awards were given in several categories apart from healthcare by the MIT Sloan team.
The two-day forum brought together business leaders and technology innovators together to understand processes, technologies and strategies to harness the power of digital transformation. Digital transformation, or Digitrans, has not only disrupted traditional business processes but also been rapidly reshaping the global economy and has created a new breed of innovators, visionaries and enablers that are making businesses, organizations and people future-ready.
“Digital transformation could generate $16.9 billion in extra revenue each year for companies in the Middle East from 2017 to 2021” – PwC
According to a survey conducted by PwC, the digital transformation initiative could also result in an additional saving of $17.3 billion annually for companies in the Middle East. This signals not only the rise in revenues through digital initiatives but also highlight’s the cost-saving factor by implementing technology oriented processes.
“The digital transformation could add $95 billion per year to the Middle East’s annual GDP by 2020” – Mckinsey
Dr. Taha K Al-Hazarmerdi prefers to call Dr. Sualiman Al Habib Hospital “the 1st smart hospital in the region”. And he has every right to do so.  The patient journey is digitised right since he/she visits the reception till the time of discharge. A partner in this journey is the hospital’s automatic health information system called VIDA.