Yakult Gold Makes Middle East Debut

by / Comments Off on Yakult Gold Makes Middle East Debut / 661 View / September 16, 2019

Yakult Middle East has unveiled a new ‘gold’ version of its iconic probiotic drink, which will go on sale in selected retailers across the UAE today.

Called Yakult Gold, each bottle of this premium fermented milk drink contains 30 Billion Lactobacillus Casei strain Shirota (approx. 4 times the number of good bacteria found in Yakult Original & Light) and is packed with added nutrients such as Vitamin D, B12, B6, Niacin and Calcium.

“The beauty of Yakult Gold is that it’s beneficial for all. The youth and elderly will appreciate the immunity boost and even pregnant women can enjoy a healthier pregnancy with a shot of Yakult Gold. Not to mention the fact that people of all ages can enjoy the added boost of Vitamin D, B6, B12, Niacin and Calcium,” said Eiji Amano: Director of Sales & Marketing, Yakult Middle East.

Lama Alnaeli, a certified Health and wellbeing consultant and clinical dietician based in Dubai was also at the launch to share her insight and expertise. According to her, “Overall health and diseases have been linked to balance or imbalance in the growth of bacteria in the digestive system as studies have shown for the past few years. Good bacteria stimulate healthy and balance of gut microorganisms, which promotes a wide range of health benefits. Research has been promising for these friendly critters. Some of their benefits are universal no matter of age or gender: supporting gut health, healthy skin, weight management and well-being.”