The S Hotel Al Barsha Hosts A Special Arabian Nights Dinner

by / Comments Off on The S Hotel Al Barsha Hosts A Special Arabian Nights Dinner / 256 View / November 18, 2019

The S Hotel Al Barsha, a chic and stylish four-star property in Dubai Science Park, hosted members of the media and VIP guests to its first ‘Arabian Nights’ Dinner, an unforgettable and authentic foodie experience featuring the new Arabic-themed buffet every Thursday night.

‘Arabian Nights’ showcases Middle Eastern cuisine, charm and hospitality. With its proud Emirati heritage, the new F&B offering aims to showcase local culture and cuisine that is rooted in history, with age-old recipes that have been handed down through many generations. Steeped in tradition, and cooked with exotic spices, this Emirati / GCC Cuisine Night aims to delight local patrons with dishes such as Hummus, Mutable, Fattouh, Fattoush labneh with mint lobelia, Baljit Eggplant Mushka, Feta cheese and Zaatar tomato salad.

The main star is the Lamb Oozi live station where you can sample tender, melt-in-your-mouth lamb and a hot mezzah which features lamb kibbeh, spinach fatayer, cheese sambosek. The main course includes Arabic mix grill (lamb kofta / shish taouk / chicken kofta), lamb salona, vermicelli rice, Moroccan traditional tagine (chicken / lamb / fish), jereesh, machboos, vegetable saloona, chicken mandi, chicken molakia and shish brak. End the lavish dinner on a sweet note with Arabic sweets.

If you have friends visiting Dubai, Fusion restaurant every Thursday night is the perfect place to show them what Arabic cuisine is all about.