The Eye – Jacquie Aiche Jewelry

by / Comments Off on The Eye – Jacquie Aiche Jewelry / 26 View / April 26, 2021

The Middle Eastern-inspired ‘evil eye’ motif has been used for many years as a symbol of protection against negative influences. A good luck charm not bound to one culture, this motif has found its way into many forms including beautiful interior pieces for homes and as exotic jewelry to be worn.

The mythical ‘evil-eye’ or ‘al-ayn’ (the eye in Arabic) has inspired the creation of beautiful, luxury pieces by acclaimed A-list fine jewelry designer, Jacquie Aiche. Her latest collection embraces the powerful evil eye motif in some of its pieces, adorned with 14-carat gold, rose gold or silver, and studded with sparkly diamonds and precious gemstones such as Onyx and Chalcedony.