Tàn Chá ’s Rooftop Runway – A Symbol of Support for Fashion

by / Comments Off on Tàn Chá ’s Rooftop Runway – A Symbol of Support for Fashion / 143 View / October 18, 2023

Tàn Chá, renowned connoisseurs of oriental gastronomy and recognized on the Michelin Guide for two years running, are on the brink of introducing their Taste of Art dining experience. This series offers a versatile platform tailored to the visions of regional artists and creators across diverse disciplines.

The Tàn Chá exclusive IP kicks off on October 17th, with a primary focus on fashion. Aligned with Dubai Fashion Week, Tàn Chá joins the festivities by orchestrating an evening featuring a rooftop runway, set against the captivating backdrop of the Business Bay canal.

Dominating this exotic runway will be the ingenious creations of the award-winning designer Angelo Estera. He commenced his professional journey by creating designs for royalty and celebrities in of the Arab World. In 2009, he inaugurated a new design studio in the glamorous city of Dubai and has garnered praise for presenting breathtaking and lavish collections on the fashion runways of Dubai and during Dubai Fashion Weeks.