Supreme Anti-Ageing Skincare with FILORGA’s GLOBAL-REPAIR Range

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60 is the new 30! Today, the use of the term “flat-ager” is rapidly gaining traction. Why? Because age isn’t just a number on your ID, it’s a state of mind! Free, energetic and radiant women, flat-agers are shaking off the shackles of their elders’ conventions. Most of them are still in work or are making the most of their free time. Elegance and style are at the heart of their beauty concerns. This generation is also very tech-savvy; 1 in 4 women over 55 are on Facebook. These up-to-date individuals can definitely hold their own against the younger generations, except for…

The Challenges of Maturity

Sometimes the drop in hormones after the age of 50 prevents them from blossoming by disrupting the skin on all levels. The skin loses vitality, its physiology changes and it becomes “mature”. This change is characterised by two concomitant factors.

  1. Undernourishment and skin exhaustion

Mature skin is characterised by dryness, discomfort and a general tendency to become marked from fatigue faster and longer. The cause? A decrease in the synthesis of ceramides and lipids, combined with skin that has “slowed down” and can no longer mobilise these components.

  1. The multiplication of time marks on the skin.

All signs of ageing are accentuated at the same time: wrinkles become more deeply entrenched, the skin slackens, the face becomes hollow and loses its volumes, dark spots become more prevalent and the complexion loses its radiance. The cause? Global dysfunction of cell processes: production of lower quality hyaluronic acid, a disrupted collagen fibre network, thinning of adipose tissue, accumulation of melanocytes, and less efficient cell-renewal.

The skin relentlessly suffers the effects of time!

Solutions on a case by case basis

Because of this, a series of leading cosmetic and medical solutions are currently used to take care of mature skin and to target each issue such as:

Undernourishment and loss of vitality – the cosmetic/nutri-cosmetic solution: added nutrients (ceramides, lipids, vitamins, etc)

Wrinkles – the aesthetic solution: fillers and hyaluronic acid

Sagging skin – the aesthetic solution: radio frequency to stimulate collagen production.

Hollowing and loss of volume – the aesthetic solution: lipo fillers, a technique which injects fat taken from the patient’s body to restore volume.

Dark spots – the aesthetic solution: laser therapy which accurately targets the melanin pigments to remove dark spots.

Lack of radiance – the aesthetic solution; mesotherapy which involves injection of a multi-revitalising cocktail of ingredients into the whole face to obtain an instantly visible radiance boost.

These techniques are effective and radical, but can sometimes be too restrictive for flat-age women living life at 100 mph!

What if, for the first time ever, all these leading techniques could be combined into one single cosmetic formula? What if for the first time ever, we could rejuvenate devitalised skin in the bathroom with an anti-ageing product?


GLOBAL-REPAIR, an all-intensive  feat of formulation!

FILORGA has developed a genuine youth-coaching cosmetic program for women who want to look the way they feel.  It treats all the issues of their devitalized skin with an all-new core formula: Intensive Repairing Factors. A genuine feat of formulation, this complex combines the best cosmetic nutrients with ultra specialised ingredients to mimic the effects of aesthetic medicine for a spectacular rejuvenating action!


Designed to provide a genuine youth-coaching action, the GLOBAL-REPAIR range takes care of the cells of the epidermis with two complementary products enriched with Intensive Repairing Factors (50 meso factors, 3 super nutrients + 4 cellular boosters)  for intense nutrition and multi-revitalisation.  But that’s not all, all products incorporate 24H Chrono-Boosted Technology:  dual use day/night formulas that transform into a mask in the evening for optimum 24-hour effectiveness.


/3 Super-Nutrients: Revitalising Nutrition

A trio of 3 super-nutrients, sourced from the best vegetable oils and scientific discoveries to restore skin’s suppleness and vitality – super-ceramides, super-omegas and super-vitamins.

/50 Meso-Factors + 4 Cellular Boosters

A combination of the best leading active ingredients inspired by the five most renowned aesthetic medicine techniques to act on all the sgins of ageing.

  1. Radiance: 50 illuminating meso-ingredients

NCEF, formed of 50 plyrevitalising ingedients  – the complexion is fresh and radiant!

  1. Wrinkles – filling hyaluro-booster

Reticulated hyaluronic acid in the form of filler-like spheres that plump skin and correct wrinkes: the skin is immediately smoother!

  1. Firmness – lifting collagen-booster

A peptide complex inspured by the technique of radio frequency, which boosts collagen synthesis – the skin is denser and firmer!

  1. Dark Spots – unifying clear-booster

A complex of five brightening active ingredients inspired by laser techniques – the complexion is completely unified!

  1. Volume: plumping adipo-booster

A resculpting botanical extract inspired by the technique of lipo-filling – the volumes of the face are restored!


Global-Repair IntensiveAn Expert Serum for an Intensive Action (AED 495)

Serum by day / Mask by night

Enriched with very special rejuvenating agents: smoothing retinol and energising glycogen for enhanced effenctiveness. A spectacularly powerful rejuvenating shot!


Global-Repair Multi-Active Cream for Lasting Results (AED 495)

Cream by day/Mask by night

Enhanced with a long-term anti-ageing system that regenerates skin and protects it from oxidation for a lasting rejuvenating effect. Supreme anti-ageing to halt skin ageing!