Rubeus Milano’s Fragrances

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Rubeus Milano’s luxurious range of Tutti Frutti fragrances. Created in collaboration with three talented young perfumers, the perfumes – Rubeus Rouge, Rubeus Vert, and Rubeus Bleu represent three different moods, each one unique in its own element.

Transport to a summer garden with Rubeus Rouge – featuring top notes of black current and mandarin; sweet scents of pear, apricot and grapefruit in the middle, and a prominent rose, raspberry and vanilla base. Damas rose mingles with jasmine and a woody aroma in the top notes of Rubeus Vert, while hints of oud, amber and musk base notes perfectly balance out the scent. Rubeus Bleu mixes top notes of citrus, iris and herbs, with floral and leather tones in the middle, and at its base, powdery, woody and animal hints.

An exquisite present for your friends and family, the perfume flaunts a beautiful design with sophisticated glass bottles corresponding to each scent. In addition, each bottle cap is set with a precious stone that corresponds to the fragrance – a ruby for Rubeus Rouge, an emerald for Rubeus Vert and a sapphire for Rubeus Bleu. The embodiment of luxury and elegance, each bottle is encased in a delicate wooden lacquer box with a velvet lining.

The new fragrances are now available across selected Paris Gallery and Plethora outlets throughout the GCC as well as on

About Rubeus Milano:

Founded in 2013, by collector Viktor Bordarenko and his wife Nataliya, Rubeus Milano celebrates Italians’ love of la dolce vita – the good life. The brand brings together centuries-old expertise of master tanners and materials sourced from the best suppliers to create an exquisite range of handbags, footwear, ready-to-wear, fine jewellery and luxury fragrances.

At the heart of the brand, customers are welcome to completely personalize their Rubeus Milano bag to create a special work of art – from choosing the colour of the materials and accessories used in its creation, all the way to dictating the number of pockets, and if selected, the precious tones that decorate the bag’s features. A creative collaboration between the brand and its customers, clients can also request for their name to be featured as co-designer, alongside that of the brand, to create a unique and individual masterpiece.

In 2018, the company launched its first fragrance, created by perfumer, Sonia Constant, following a new direction in 2019 with the launch of its high jewellery – the Imperial collection was the first in the history of jewellery art collections to focus primarily on exceptionally rare Russian alexandrites.

In only six years, Rubeus Milano has become a recognized name in the fashion industry and is highly respected by discerning jewellery buyers around the world.