Roll Your Way into Glowing Summer Skin with Skin Gym’s Face Rollers

by / Comments Off on Roll Your Way into Glowing Summer Skin with Skin Gym’s Face Rollers / 62 View / June 10, 2024

Used by celebrities and skincare gurus across the world, Skin Gym’s face rollers have become a staple in every beauty lover’s skincare routine. With benefits that include soothing inflamed skin to building and training facial muscles, here are a few tips and tricks from Skin Gym to help you get the most out of your smart beauty tools and achieve that fantastic Kardashian glow this summer.

Lift and contour skin with precious stones

Get your glow on physically and metaphysically with Skin Gym’s face rollers available in precious stones of jade and rose quartz. Feel connected with your inner beauty with the Rose Quartz Vibrating Lift & Contour Beauty Roller  which has the unique ability to drain out all the toxins while its healing properties give your skin a glow. If you’re looking for inner-peace and tranquility, the Jade Vibrating Lift & Contour Beauty Roller will not only instantly soothe your skin but also help align your chakras and you destress – perfect for nighttime routines and restful sleep.Roll upwards with your choice of Skin Gym’s beauty roller across your face and neck daily for 5-10 minutes and watch its 6000 sonic vibrations per minute tighten facial muscles, increase collagen production, and make your skin less puffy.

Pro tip: Store your roller in the fridge for a cooling and relaxing sensation.

Get a clear complexion with deeper absorption of skincare products

For a refreshing glow, Skin Gym’s Goldie Face Roller  is a must-have in your skincare armoury. Its non-invasive edges will give your face an intensive massage that helps in better and deeper absorption of products into your skin, refines pores and improves circulation to reveal clear and glowing skin. Roll the Goldie Face Roller in a gentle upward/downward motion with slight pressure across the face three times to achieve a radiant and beautiful complexion.


Release facial muscle tension

If you’re looking for a quick and natural face contour with a relaxing massage, Skin Gym’s Face Sculptor Beauty Roller is exactly what you need. Designed to mimic the feeling of a deep-knead massage, this tool is crafted with two round-shaped ends to hug the curves of your face for targeted contouring and a unique afterglow. For best results, chill in the fridge then roll in outward and upward strokes along the contours of your face for 5-10 minutes daily with your favorite serum. This tool is perfect to use before or after your day in the sun for its cooling and soothing effect.