Precious Lace Majestic Paraiba tourmaline necklace revealed as the new star of Chopard Haute Joaillerie’s signature collection

by / Comments Off on Precious Lace Majestic Paraiba tourmaline necklace revealed as the new star of Chopard Haute Joaillerie’s signature collection / 211 View / August 4, 2021

Chopard Co-President and Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele, presents the latest addition to her Precious Lace collection in an exclusive collaboration with Sotheby’s auction house. A veritable masterpiece of jewellery-lacework, this majestic necklace, designed as a dialogue between Haute Couture and Haute Joaillerie, is currently available via private sale at Sotheby’s. Crafted from Fairmined-certified ethical white gold and titanium, it is enhanced by the ocean blue shimmer of Paraiba tourmaline. Through this timeless design, the Artisans of the Maison have crafted a creation emblematic of their expertise and their mastery of the art of Haute Joaillerie.

The ocean-blue shimmer of Paraiba tourmaline

Caroline Scheufele is introducing a new diamond and Paraiba tourmaline necklace to the flamboyant Precious Lace collection. Weaving a splendid jewellery lace effect offering sensual glimpses of the underlying skin, it evokes luminous filigree work and an escape to remote inlets bathed in crystal-clear waters, while embodying the union of a rare mineral and a unique design.

Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director has had her workshops set a stunning 34.63-carat Paraiba tourmaline from Mozambique – renowned for its unique turquoise-blue colour and one of the most sought-after tourmalines – at the centre of this exceptional piece. Combined with diamonds in a play of pear shapes and brilliant cuts, it brings a sunny glow to this new necklace sculpted from gold and titanium.

It is currently on offer via private sale at Sotheby’s which is renowned for its expertise and its offering of the world’s most extraordinary jewels.

A perpetually renewed signature

Since its creation, the Precious Lace collection has featured exquisite interlacing in which the brilliance and energy of gemstones combine to stunning effect. In a veritable goldsmith’s magnum opus, the daintiness of openwork is echoed in the feather-light gemsetting and architectural lines of this collection weaving ties between the worlds of Haute Couture and Haute Joaillerie. Classic yet sophisticated, these regular and delicate lines have become the signature of the Maison, embodying its jewellery expertise and creative genius.

Haute Joaillerie by Chopard

With the help of her Haute Joaillerie workshops encompassing more than 30 artistic crafts, Caroline Scheufele works tirelessly to endow jewellery with its power of fascination and to anticipate the way women want to wear it. Since joining the Family Maison in the 1980s, she has never stopped pushing boundaries, challenging codes, as well as bringing a new elegance and ethical approach to the world of Haute Joaillerie. Among her pioneering initiatives, Caroline Scheufele is one of the most influential voices promoting sustainable luxury. In 2018, Chopard became the first major watch and jewellery Maison to commit to using 100% ethical gold.