by / Comments Off on MESSIKA’S MY TWIN COLLECTION, A FOREVER CLASSIC / 167 View / February 13, 2020

Messika’s My Twin collection proposes modern and elegant jewelleries that are engaged in a dance of light.

The classic collection which has become a favorite for all, suggests a new way of sealing one’s love, via the unexpected union of different cut diamonds. The different stones sit in both contrast and harmony with each other. The pear cut diamond, which is both sensual and dazzling, marries with the emerald cut, which is more stylized and hypnotic, or even the oval cut, which is sweet and gentle.

With My Twin, Valérie Messika dares the union of opposites. With subtlety and boldness, the designer puts face to face the pear, greedy and delicate, and the emerald, powerful and attractive.

Bold designs that marry different diamonds cuts, play accumulation and dress diamonds. Symbol of eternity, My Twin rings become fashion accessories to wear everyday as for a special day.