Level up your eye-makeup with these hero essentials from Flormar!

by / Comments Off on Level up your eye-makeup with these hero essentials from Flormar! / 444 View / April 20, 2022

While you may have your day to night looks perfected during the year – it can be quite a task figuring out the look you want to ace at your next Iftar gathering. Whether you’re going for a more vibrant look or wanting to take it down a notch and opt for something more subtle – take the time to experiment this month with your eye makeup. From finding that perfect mascara that ensures your lashes stand out in the crowd to adding a pop of color on your eyelids to bring out your features, nail your best eye-make up look with Flormar. The brand takes pride in being the one-stop makeup brand that is inclusive, affordable and diverse. From eyeliners perfect for an Arabian-inspired flick to a mascara that could give faux eyelashes a run for their money, Flormar is your go-to for makeup looks this Ramadan.

Here are three must-have Flormar eye makeup products to complete your Iftar look:

Flormar Extreme Tattoo Gel Pencil

Accentuate your eyes with this gel eye pencil that you won’t be able to do without once you try it. With a smooth finish and a richness in color, just a single application will see it work its magic. Thanks to its water-resistant formula, it completes your make-up with different tones that you can choose from and go day to night without a hassle with this essential!

 Flormar Brow Pomade

Your eyebrows can make or break an eye makeup look if not done right, and this and brow product is a dream with its creamy, gel-like consistency, and matte finish. Rock that striking look for up to 24 hours (it’s water resistant too!). The angled brush allows you to create the perfect intensity while its matte finish creates a natural look. Select from among the beige, light brown, brown, and dark brown color options and get ready to create the best version of your eyebrows.

Flormar Hero Mascara

When completing your eye makeup look, you can’t do it without a trustworthy mascara. The Hero Volume & Curl Mascara adds volume by grasping your lashes from root to tip, and it’s indispensable with a formula that does not create a feeling of heaviness. Thanks to the particle structure and the super soft fiber brush specially developed by Flormar, your eyelashes will look super voluminous and curved in no time.