La Gioia di Pomellato High Jewellery 2021

by / Comments Off on La Gioia di Pomellato High Jewellery 2021 / 29 View / September 27, 2021


Pomellato’s second high jewellery collection is a love letter to the past

with a contemporary and sustainable twist.

Pomellato’s LA GIOIA brings a breath of fresh air to the world of high jewellery. Divided into two chapters, LA GIOIA unleashes a new creative freedom as it breaks from the constraints of time and puts sustainable practices at the heart of each jewel.

In the first chapter, Pomellato creates one-of-a-kind pieces using beloved jewels from its own archive to make exciting new designs with elements of past collections.

The second chapter offers a resolutely contemporary, high jewellery take on the house’s rich history of iconic chains and sautoirs.

In this unprecedented dialogue between the past, present and future, Pomellato rethinks the conventions of high jewellery with these bold, spectacular designs and strong commitment to the future and the Pomellato legacy.