La Cantine du Faubourg presents artworks by Tasnim Baghdadi

by / Comments Off on La Cantine du Faubourg presents artworks by Tasnim Baghdadi / 133 View / May 8, 2018

La Cantine du Faubourg—the eclectic urban dining destination in the heart of Dubai—presents work by German-Moroccan artist Tasnim Baghdadi.

Demonstrating its continued support of global emerging creative talent, the restaurant will launch its latest exhibition on Wednesday, May 9, in line with its concept of combining exquisite international dishes with distinctive imagery and music.

Baghdadi is fascinated by the relationship between our bodies and space, both in a metaphorical sense and through a visual exploration of lived experience. Her primarily two-dimensional pieces are produced using a variety of materials, including pen and ink, gouache, acrylic and linoleum cut printmaking, uniting analogue tools and digital technology. Variously abstract and figurative, they explore the nature of reality and one’s sense of self in a world shaken by social media personas, Photoshop and fake news.

Baghdadi studied product design in Venlo, Netherlands, and gained a master’s degree in art history in Bonn, Germany. Currently based in Fribourg, Switzerland, her work has been shown in Chicago, London, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam and in her birth city of Cologne. Alongside her artistic practice, she freelances as an art director for events and editorials.