Korloff Jewellers in Dubai Mall

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An incredible and enlightening morning at Korloff Jewellers in Dubai Mall The Korloff story began with one of the most mysterious diamonds in the world: a 200-carat rough black diamond. Formed somewhere between Earth and Sky, its origin is shrouded in mystery and is still debated amongst specialists today. From interstellar meteorites to rare carbon fusions in the Earth’s mantle, natural black diamonds have yet to unveil the secret of their singularity.

Legend has it that this amazing gem belonged to the noble Russian Korloff-Sapojnikoff family, who kept it as a talisman that brought happiness and good fortune for generations, before leaving Russia for France in the early 19th century.

Charmed by its tale and incredible beauty, French entrepreneur and diamond trader Daniel Paillasseur bought the magical “Black Korloff” in 1978, cut it into a massive 88-carat brilliant jewel, and decided to name his company after it. A company that would not only trade diamonds, but also craft them into the most exciting and desirable jewellery.


40 years later, Korloff is one of the last independent French jeweller-diamantaires. Headquartered on the iconic rue de la Paix in Paris, the House belongs to the Comité Vendôme and is present in more than 40 countries with over 50 exclusive stores and shop-in-shops, as well as 350 retailers. Diamonds still shine at the heart of the House expertise, notably through its proprietary 73- and 88-facet cuts and its direct access to the Antwerp marketplace.

The Black Korloff remains the House’s emblem and source of inspiration: from the signature 88-facet Korloff cut to the most spectacular masterpieces, from watches to perfumes. Korloff stands out with its bold mix of inspirations, styles and materials, touched with a hint of impertinence.