In Full Bloom: Nina Runsdorf Presents Fresh Pieces for Spring

by / Comments Off on In Full Bloom: Nina Runsdorf Presents Fresh Pieces for Spring / 66 View / March 17, 2020

Captured in all their refinement, Nina Runsdorf’s pieces are the perfect Spring accessories!
Her sparkling feminine creations can be worn daily or on any occasion. From her sliced diamond flower rings to her vibrant colored statement earrings, each Nina Runsdorf piece is bound to not only brighten your mood but your look too!
Celebrate the beginning of Spring with Nina Runsdorf’s unique expressions of elegant beauty and freshness.

Jeweller and designer Nina Runsdorf launched her first jewellery collection in 2005 and has since become renowned for her elegant, modern and creative pieces.
The New York native is the driving force behind the namesake label and has been applauded for her innovative and distinctive use of ‘Slice Diamonds’ which tell a unique story through their exposed unique patterns and are often used by designers with an eye for nature’s art, which rings true in Runsdorf’s designs.

A fierce believer that each gem contains a personality, Nina has a vibrant, artistic approach, which translates into eclectic pieces that exude passion, romance, and vivacity. Nina’s jewellery is strongly influenced by art, fashion and her love of colour with her colorful gems being personally sourced internationally. Wanting to bring a sense of joy and ease to her designs, Runsdorf considers her brand more of a lifestyle than just fine-jewellery.
Nina Runsdorf runs her company from a beautiful and intimate atelier on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. In her salon, guests are invited to discover her creations as well as some of her favorite art pieces and the story behind the artists who inspire her designs. The journey is very personal which perfectly reflects the brand being an extension of her personality.