How do you get a smooth finish on lipstick?

by / Comments Off on How do you get a smooth finish on lipstick? / 686 View / June 15, 2022

Every lipstick-lover has been there: You apply your favorite shade, and then you notice that it’s got a little flake on the application brush. And it’s not just one or two flakes—it’s literally half of the lipstick that isn’t smooth and perfect.

If your lipstick doesn’t look exactly how you want it to, there’s a chance that you’re not getting the smoothest finish possible. Here are some tips for achieving a perfect pout:

Buff Away Flakes With a Lip Scrub

Before you put on your lipstick, use a lip scrub to buff away any dead skin cells that could interfere with the color’s application. Apply a Smoothing Lip Primer

If your lips are dry or flaky, this will help smooth out the texture and make the lipstick glide on more easily. Use a Lip Liner as a Base

Using a lip liner as a base can create an extra layer of pigment that will last throughout the day. Pick a Non-drying Lipstick Formula

Choose lipsticks that have moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E in them so they won’t dry out your lips while also providing color. Blot and Set Your Lipstick

After applying your lipstick, blot off excess pigment with tissue paper or cotton swabs (not tissue). This will set your lipstick in place without making it look too thick or unnatural. Keep Your Lips Moisturized