Hot Summer Nail Trends

by / Comments Off on Hot Summer Nail Trends / 56 View / March 3, 2023

There’s no doubt about it, we’ve never been more obsessed with our nails. It’s no longer a case of just a quick lick of polish, either. Now, creating the perfect nail look is a rigorous fortnightly self-care ritual with a trusted nail technician (soon to be best friend), prefaced by a brainstorm around shape, design and technique.

Summer is upon us and we are ready to show off our best summer nails! We have rounded up some of the hottest trends right now that you can try at home—no salon required.

So what are the hottest trends for summer? Let’s take a look!

Ombre nails: This bold look combines two colours into one—a darker shade at the base which fades into a lighter colour at the tip of your nail.

Coral nails: This hot hue is all about summer vibes and can be worn as an accent or all over your hands.

Silk Wrap nails: These nails feature intricate patterns on top of your natural nail colour that are designed to look like silk wraps or lace fabric!