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The Guerlain Perfumers have always shared a singular love for vanilla. The captivating aroma of its pods, both tender and sensual, enveloping and seductive, is essential to the House’s fragrance signature, the famous
“Guerlinade” that distinguishes its creations. The cornerstone of Shalimar’s revolutionary fragrance trail, vanilla has now inspired an extraordinary Vintage edition. Guerlain’s loving tribute to an icon in its palette, in unexpected forms: natural vanilla extract, ethyl vanillin, and the House’s Madagascan vanilla tincture. A star ingredient in the composition, this tincture is made using organic pods of exceptional quality, aligning with rare time-honoured expertise that Guerlain has been keeping alive for almost two centuries. Sourced from Madagascar, the pods are received fresh in Guerlain’s production workshops in Orphin (Rambouillet) and then cut into pieces by hand using a cutter – a tool that Jacques Guerlain was already using when Shalimar was created… Finally, they are left to macerate in organic alcohol for several months, where they develop the absolutely unique richness of their aromas. Saturating the composition,