Face to Face Interview with the International Fitness Model Maya Nassar – First Avenue Magazine!

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Maya Nassar tips for healthy lifestyle and her upcoming projects in 2023

1. As a modern mom of 4 children, restless entrepreneur, and fitness expert, what are the top 3 tips you would offer women entrepreneurs in 2023?

My first tip would be to have a routine that you follow every day. Waking up at the same time, having specific working hours and a routine with your kids will make it easier to manage your day.

My second tip is to plan in advance. Don’t leave things to the last minute and always be prepared for your tasks and challenges.

The third tip is to ask for help when you need it. Women entrepreneurs work hard and many of them are mothers as well, so its important to ask for support if you need it or to take a break from work in order to recharge.

2. What main principles would you say a working mom should follow to maintain a healthy lifestyle starting the beginning of the new year?

It’s important to have a plan that is realistic and sustainable. She should consult with a professional dietician for a diet plan that she can follow in the long run with meals that are easy to prepare at home. Second, she should exercise at a time of day that is convenient for her and in a place where she can easily exercise. This could be a gym near her office or work or even exercising at home. Having a sustainable plan and a convenient place to exercise will make it easier to follow. Finally, she should remember that 80% of success is showing up. Even if she is not motivated, simply being consistent with her exercise and diet plan will help her see results.

3.You recently started hosting your own morning show “Start Living Right” on Virgin Radio Stars. How has that been, and do you plan to develop the show in any way this coming year, or maybe go back to appearing on TV as well?

It has been a great experience so far. Each day, we discuss a different topic including fitness, nutrition, motivation, events and mental health. I also bring on experts to discuss different topics through interviews. It was very important for me to dedicate one day to mental health because it is a very important topic that is not discussed enough. Personally, I had postpartum depression after having my fourth child and I wanted to be able to help others who need support. I hope to develop the show by discussing more important topics and bringing on important guests. For now, there are no plans to go back to TV but that might change one day.  

4.Your most important entrepreneurial project is your own gym – Start Living Right [SLR], and you already opened in several locations across Lebanon. Any further expansion plans for SLR and your fitness journey more specifically?

At the moment, we have expanded SLR by also having an online e-shop where we sell online coaching and motivational e-books. We hope to expand around the Middle East and keep opening more branches. At the moment, I also hope to compete in a fitness competition sometime next year.

5.What’s your biggest resolution for the new year 2023?

My biggest resolution is to lose my pregnancy weight and go back and start competing again. I hope to show other moms that your age and the number of kids you have are just numbers.