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DUBAI-BASED TOP BRIDAL DESIGNER LABEL HUMARIFF LAUNCHES CAPSULE COLLECTION TO CELEBRATE CULTURAL DIVERSITY IN THE UAE -Lawyer-turned-designer Tamam Humariff plans to create flexible buying options for brides-to-be-

UAE-based bridal wear designer Tamam Humariff launched her latest bridal collection at a glittering private preview at her atelier located at Al Wasl 5 and was attended by the fashion house’s private clientele, influencers and media. The 16-piece capsule collection includes evening dresses in colorful tones of blues, purple, green and red, while finishing the evening by presenting her latest all-white bridal wear collection.

“2020 was definitely the toughest year for the fashion industry, most especially the bridal wear as most of the social gatherings are cancelled totally. We are the most hit industry as there were very low to no orders at all. However we believe that 2021 will be a better year for us hence we are launching a capsule collection as a solution for bride-to-be to have a more flexible way of buying or making their dream wedding gown to life.” said Tamam Humariff, Founder and CEO of Humariff Fashion House

Humariif predicted that 2021 will be a year of Bridal Maximalist. “People are going to be so ready to party and if you’ve been someone planning their wedding in lockdown it’s going to be even more intense. People seem to be less worried about budget, ironically, and in a bit more of a ‘let’s get to it’ mood. There’s an uptick in people really going for it and being adventurous. Wear things that are over the top to celebrate” with “a new focus on glamour over minimalism.” added Humariff


Humariff’s 2021 Capsule Wedding Collection is inspired by the ‘Fairies of the Enchanted Forest’ which symbolizes transformation and adventure which is what the Year 2021 wedding industry is all about. Humariff added colourful hues to the couture wedding gowns, party dresses and evening wears.

“The year 2021 is going to be exciting for our industry and that is why I plan to create a collection that captures the beauty of the UAE – the diversity of culture and its people. This country is the melting pot of different cultures and traditions and that is what makes it so unique. My collection is not just for a specific group or community – it is for everyone who wants to celebrate an imperative union of love.” added Humariff.