Dr. Maen Al-Khateeb Giving Beauty a new definition with MaxFax

by / Comments Off on Dr. Maen Al-Khateeb Giving Beauty a new definition with MaxFax / 177 View / October 13, 2020

Maxfax is a name that Dr. Maen Al-Khateeb invented in his years of expertise which relates back to the term “Maxillofacial”.

It is a facial aesthetic technique that works to highlight the face and jaws, away from the exaggeration of surgeries and unexplained injections.

MaxFax has three different techniques to benefit from:

  • MAX-FAX sculpting: contouring the face using fillers to the cheekbones, chin and jawline area to give more prominent and definition and a youthful look
  • MAX-FAX lifting: The technique of threads that is used to tighten the face with and restore it to its natural shape and get rid of its sagging.
  • MAX-FAX surgery: If the changes in the face are large, where there are changes in the dimensions of the facial bones, such as a smaller lower jaw as a result of genetics … the doctor resort to MAX-FAX surgery to restore the facial bones to their natural state with a simple face lift.

It is remarkable that this technology has widely spread on an international level, and Dr. Maen Al-Khateeb Clinic has become the first choice for television stars and beauty queens of the world, who are looking for natural beauty.

On the first anniversary of her coronation, Miss Europe 2019 – Ukrainian “Irina Garamisev” – published photos and short video clips of her behind the scenes filming campaign were she carried out the “Max Fax” technique launched by doctor, “Maen Al-Khateeb,” the owner of “Florentia” Dubai clinics.

She expressed her gratitude for being chosen to promote this service, as it is a contemporary beauty technique that gives all women the best shape they aspire. After she had undergone this treatment with this technique, Dr. Maen improved the precise facial details where she praised the doctor’s experience after he had performed the technique on her face.

She also complimented the accuracy of the clinic’s work, were the latest equipment and technologies are available with a high-quality medical staff, and any woman can get everything she wants to modify be it her face or body in one place and at its best.