Design by Mahsa Revolutionizes the Design Industry with a Holistic Approach

by / Comments Off on Design by Mahsa Revolutionizes the Design Industry with a Holistic Approach / 29 View / July 20, 2023

The brand’s commitment to innovative strategies is set to redefine the design landscape

Design by Mahsa, a leading design brand, is excited to announce its rebranding initiative and strategic partnership with Matthew Bate to fuel its international expansion. The brand, founded by renowned design professional Mahsa Gholizadeh, has earned recognition for its exquisite designs and unrivaled attention to detail. With a diverse portfolio spanning various sectors and an exceptional ability to create unique aesthetic spaces, this reinvention promises an elevated experience for every project.

With years of experience in the industry, Gholizadeh realized her desire to expand her creative vision and reach a global audience. To achieve this, she strategically decided to rebrand the company as DBM, an acronym for Design by Mahsa, to give it a more international and luxurious appeal that aligns with her personal and professional identity. DBM represents an exciting evolution for the brand, embracing its heritage while propelling it toward new horizons. The rebranding initiative showcases Mahsa’s commitment to creating timeless designs that evoke elegance and sophistication, now on a global scale.

Mahsa’s visionary partnership with seasoned development and operations expert Matt combines her design expertise and his exceptional prowess to create luxury mixed-use destinations. Together, they empower clients through their advisory services, enhance organizational efficiency, and deliver unparalleled experiences. Adopting a holistic approach, DBM expands horizons in sought-after lifestyle destinations while integrating corporate culture and sustainability techniques. This innovative and comprehensive approach sets DBM apart in the industry.

Mahsa Gholizadeh, expressed her excitement about the rebranding and partnership, saying, “I believe that our renewed brand identity and strategic alliance with Matt will empower us to reach new heights. DBM will continue to create extraordinary designs that evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication, now internationally.”

Their unwavering commitment to excellence has already earned them well-deserved recognition within the industry. Their latest project, Reef & Beef, a high-end surf and turf restaurant in Downtown Dubai, has been nominated in two coveted categories, Restaurant – Global and Restaurant – Africa & Middle East at the esteemed International Hotel & Property Awards. These nominations serve as a testament to their exceptional work in delivering cutting-edge design solutions that captivate audiences and elevate brands.