by / Comments Off on CELEBRITIES ARE WILD FOR THE WILD MOON COLLECTION BY MESSIKA / 140 View / September 12, 2019

Celebrities like Cardi B, Tina Kunakey and Lena Meyer have already graced various red carpet appearances such as the Cannes Film Festival 2019 and Grammys 2019 wearing the stunning Wild Moon collection from Messika’s latest Born to be Wild collection.

In the shape of an inverted moon, this necklace draws upon the lines of a “Squash Blossom”, one of the most well-known symbols of the Native American culture. It is called ‘Squash Blossom’ after the silver flowers from which it is made. Derived from Moorish inspiration, this piece of jewelry symbolizes the pomegranate.

A Native American legend tells how young girls upon marriage would receive the Squash Blossom from their mothers, passing them on from generation to generation.

In a chic bohemian spirit, the designer revisits the shape of the crescent moon with a feminine piece to be worn at the hollow of the neckline. Two lines of diamonds are perfectly suspended using the knife-edge thread technique. Each diamond, seemingly isolated from each other, appear to float. In the center is a marquise-cut diamond drop of 0,71ct E/VVS1.