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If you look at the world with a joyful gaze, life shines in all its magnificent beauty. Elegant, naturally graceful and genuinely authentic, Anne Hathaway embodies the radiant energy of the Divas’ Dream jewellery collection as she uncovers the endless…

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The maxi Missoni logo in the middle of the dial of the new Missoni Zigzag Lover is once again accompanied, as the name suggests, by the Maison’s emblem and style icon, the zigzag. This new line in the Fall-Winter 2023…

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A New Modern Indian Restaurant & Cafe, Eva’s Fusion, Is Now Open At Millenium Place, Barsha Heights 

Dubai residents have a delightful new spot to celebrate Diwali with the opening of a new modern Indian restaurant and cafe, Eva’s Fusion, in Millenium Place, Barsha Heights. The new addition offers traditional and fusion dishes inspired by the rather…

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Dalma Mall Welcomes ALBAIK: Abu Dhabi’s Favorite Mall Adds a Flavorful Twist

Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi’s favorite mall, is delighted to announce the arrival of ALBAIK, the renowned Saudi Arabian fast-food chain. The grand opening of the ALBAIK outlet brings a delightful blend of tradition and innovation to the heart of Abu…

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Fake A Good Night’s Sleep With These Rejuvenating Products

Tired eyes are the tell-tale signs of not getting a good night’s rest. But don’t fret you hardworking ladies who sometimes burn the candle at both ends; GLOSSIC has got you covered with several rejuvenating products that can help you…

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A year on from the launch of the first We Love Diamonds capsule collection, Versace proposes an extension that develops the idea of enriching four of its most successful collections. This new take on the jewelry watch highlights both the…

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Innovation, Collaboration, Growth are Key as GCC Retail Market Remain on Track to Reach $308 Billion in 2023; Immense growth potential for Retailers in Saudi

Sharing growth plans at MRF 2023, Alshaya Group CEO John Hadden said, “Our plan is to open 250 more Starbucks outlets annually, aiming for 3,000 outlets in the next five years from the current 2,000.” “We’re determined to build our…

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Yoga, Sustainability, and Sustainable Places for Retreat

Inhale, raise your arms above your head, exhale, bend down, fingertips pointing to the floor, inhale, … Whether in a yoga studio, on your own patio, or on vacation at the beach, yoga has arrived at the center of our…

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Esposa Privé Bridal Collection 2024

Esposa Privé bridal showrooms beam this year with exclusive bridal collection with a promise to all the hopeful romantic brides of an exquisite 2024 collection, granting them the perfect bridal wear to cater to their unique tastes and styles. This…

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Head-Turning Platforms: Gisele and the Art of Making a Dramatic Entrance

@gisele knows nothing makes for a dramatic entrance (or exit) like a pair of head-turning platforms #JimmyChoo Gisele knows how to make a lasting impression with her impeccable sense of style. She understands that the right pair of shoes can elevate any…

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