A glowing skincare routine for summer

by / Comments Off on A glowing skincare routine for summer / 194 View / May 24, 2022

Summer is here, and you know what that means: time to show off your glowing skin. So, we’ve got you covered with a three-step nighttime skincare routine that will leave your skin glowing, refreshed, and ready to take on the day.

For an easy three-step nighttime summer skin care regimen, read on.

Step #1: Remove Every Trace of Makeup.

Whether it’s makeup or sunscreen, you don’t want any of it left on your skin when you go to sleep. Make sure you’re removing all traces of these products before bedtime. If your cleanser doesn’t get rid of it all, use a makeup wipe or pads to remove whatever is left behind.

Step #2: Use an Oil-Reducing Facial Cleanser.

If you have oily skin and live in a hot climate, this step is especially important for you! An oil-reducing cleanser will help keep your pores clean and clear throughout the day so that they don’t become clogged with excess oil at night. This will prevent breakouts from forming overnight, which can be especially painful and uncomfortable if they happen on your face (can you say “acne”?).

Step #3: Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells.

This step helps with acne prevention as well—exfoliating dead skin cells helps remove blackheads and other impurities from your pores before they get too deep into the skin.