Zuhair Murad Fall 2022 – Séduisante, Séductrice… Sérénissime

by / Comments Off on Zuhair Murad Fall 2022 – Séduisante, Séductrice… Sérénissime / 22 View / September 14, 2021


The long months of mask-wearing that followed the burst of the pandemic inspired Zuhair Murad to create a collection instilled with the spirit of the city where masks are quintessential: Venice.

For winter22, the couturier is reinventing the flamboyance of the Serenissima where subtle Oriental influences prevail. He pays tribute to the City of the Doges which, while fighting invasions and battling diseases never let go of its passion for luxury, arts and beauty, its best weapons against collapse.

And in between calli and canals, churches and grandiose palaces that stand indifferent to the rising waters, unfolds the vision of a contemporary Venetian festival where the strings of Paganini’s violin vibrate as gondolas pass by: “O mamma, mamma cara”…

At night, in the dark passages, tales of dangerous encounters and passionate embraces unfold. Under the crumpling of silk and the opulent capes sometimes stolen from a painting by Carpaccio, identity ceases to matter; we are who we want to be.